Wednesday 29th April – Daily Learn Tasks

Numeracy: as a break from fractions, solve the calculation based My Maths task and some of the puzzles below from First News.

English: write some speech sentences for the characters from the Croods.

Topic: Learn about an animal from the Stone Age and create a fact file.

Further information:


You have been working hard on your fractions and we will continue this topic tomorrow. For today, we have set you a calculation based revision task on ‘My Maths’. Below are some puzzles from First News which is a children’s newspaper. There are instructions for each puzzle on the photo except for the sudoku picture. You will need to find out how to solve this puzzle yourself.


Yesterday, you wrote action sentences with powerful verbs and adverbs. Today you need to write some speech sentences.

Speech sentences are sometimes called dialogue sentences. They are included in stories and tell the reader what a character is saying. They are not overused but help to explain how the character is feeling or what they plan to do. In year three, you need to be able to put speech marks (they look like this ” ” and are sometimes called inverted commas) around the actual part of the sentence that is spoken. See my example below:

Thunk Crood shouted “chase that animal as quickly as you can” (correct)

“Thunk Crood shouted chase that animal as quickly as you can” (incorrect)”

The first example is correct as the speech marks are around the part of the sentence that Thunk is speaking. The second example is wrong as the speech marks are around the whole sentence.

There are lots of different rules for speech punctuation and at Kelvedon we teach you different rules in each year group. The year 4 learning is to remember to use a capital letter straight after you open your speech marks and a full stop or question mark before you close your speech marks. See my example below:

Thunk Crood shouted “Chase that animal as quickly as you can.

Your task is to write some speech sentences from your Croods comic strip. Try and put your speech marks in the correct place and use interesting words for said.


The Stone age was a time of many weird and wonderful animals. Land animals were often much bigger than humans in prehistoric times.  Here are some examples of common creatures that you might have come across during the Stone Age. Choose one of these or another prehistoric animal and create a fact file.