Monday 11th May – Daily Learning Tasks

Hello 3T and 3F! Miss Taylor and I hope you had a fun long weekend and that you managed to celebrate VE Day in your own different ways.

Below are your learning tasks for today. Remember that you can be as creative as you wish and adapt the tasks to best suite your own situation at home. Have fun!

Maths: create your own money game

English: complete the attached Stone Age reading task

Topic: solve the coding challenge by – clicking here

Further details:


Last week you were revising your learning on money and solving some word problems and puzzles. Today, we would like you to make your own money based game. Be as creative as your like! You might like to make a board (use a ruler for straight lines), create a set of rules, use real money or draw you own. Then, play the game with someone at home.


Attached below is a story set in the Stone Age with questions to answer. You can choose your challenge – 1 star is the easiest and 3 star is the hardest. Don’t forget to use the clues in the text to answer the questions. 3F, remember that we point (or highlight) to the clue before answering to make sure we don’t make a mistake. The answers can also be found in the document.


A few weeks ago, you solved some ‘Angry Birds’ coding tasks. Today’s coding project is from the same website but based on dancing characters. Watch the video before you start and read all of the instructions on the screen. It should take you around an hour to complete.

Have fun and remember that if you want to send any learning in for Miss Taylor or I to have a look at, you can use the year three email address that has been set up just for children to contact their teacher.