Monday 18th May – Home Learning Tasks

Good morning year three. We hope that you had a fun weekend and that you are looking forward to this week’s home learning. Remember that you can adapt these tasks to suit your own situation. Have fun! Mr Faithfull and Miss Taylor.


  1. play this warm up game – click here
  2. learn about rounding by listening to this rap – click here
  3. practise rounding using this website – click here
  4. solve the My Maths tasks that we have set

English / Topic

  1. learn all about how Stone Age people hunted and gathered their food by reading the slides below.
  2. write an information fact sheet to explain what you learnt. Include writing, pictures, captions and labels.
  3. complete the hunter gatherer activity in the attachments below. You will need an adult to help you and you may need to draw the animals.