Thursday 21st May – Daily Learning Tasks

Maths: practise your times tables

English: read the story ‘Gifts to the Water’ (see below) with an adult or sibling and answer the questions. Draw a picture to show your understanding of the story.

Topic: draw a picture, make a model or use the computer to explain what you would give to someone to show them that they are special to you.

Further details:


Find a way to practise your times tables. Think of the different games we play at school such as: using dice, playing cards or dominoes. Hit the Button is a useful website to use as well. Perhaps you could play a game of times table bingo with your family or make your own game.


Reading Questions:

How would it feel to do the same task for hundreds of hours? How did the craftsman feel during his work? How do you know this? What material is the axe head made of? Can you think of a task that you have had to repeat over and over again? How did you feel doing it? What does ‘exchanged’ mean? What does the word ‘imperfections’ mean? Why might someone offer something as valuable as the flint to the water? Explain the emotions of the mother at the end of the story.

Draw a picture or series of pictures to show your understanding of the story.


Many historians believe that early humans developed religious beliefs to help explain the world around them. They started to be aware of the changing seasons and made up stories about why the sun rose or why there were thunderstorms, and started worshiping the forces of nature like the sun or wind.  To keep their gods happy, they offered gifts and performed rituals.

Task: what would you give to someone to show them how special they are to you? Why would you choose that object? What would you do without the object? Do you think it would make them happy?

Draw a picture, make a model or use the computers to show the object you would choose. Explain the reasons you made the choice.