Tuesday 5th May – Daily Learning Tasks

Maths: revise our learning on money and solve a ‘My Maths’ task

English: create a Stone Age glossary

Topic: learn the days of the week in French and create a diary of the week

Further details:


Talk about the different coins that you can use to pay for things.

Practise making different amounts of money using coins. Example: 27 pence can be made with a 20p + 5p+ 2p. You could have a go at this task:

Have a go at writing different amounts in pennies and then using a decimal point for pounds. Example: 133p (no £ needed) is the same as £1.33 (no ‘p’ for pence needed)

Solve the ‘My Maths’ questions on money – you might need a piece of paper!


Think back to our learning on a glossary. A glossary is like a mini dictionary at the back of a non-fiction book. It is written in alphabetical order and explains the meaning of some key words found in the book. Sometimes the key words are written in bold or italic so you know the definition (meaning) is found in the glossary. Below is a picture of some keywords for the Stone Age. Create you own glossary.


Watch this video, learn the French word for each day of the week and answer the questions – click here

Create a diary to explain what you did last week and use the French words for each day of the week. Example: Mardi: I created a cave painting. You could set it out in a chart and include pictures.