Wednesday 13th May – Daily Learning Tasks

Maths: revise units of measurement for length – click here

English: practise spelling different homophones

Topic: learn about Stone Age tools and weapons – click here and design your own.

Further Details:


Earlier this year, we learnt about the metric units of measurement for length. Watch this video to remind yourself of the learning – click here

Using a ruler or tape measure (or something else to measure a standard unit e.g. lego) and measure different objects around the house. Remember to make a prediction first to develop your awareness of different lengths.


Homophones are (not our) a pair (not pear) of words that sound the same but are spelled differently. They also have different meanings. An example is right and write. We need to use the correct homophone in our writing. There are many homophones and near homophones in English and we learn this spelling rule in every year at primary school to become experts before secondary school.

Use the ‘Spellzone’ website and play some homophone games: click here


Use the internet to research the weapons and tools used by Stone Age men and women.

Click here for a useful website to visit.

This website has a useful video – click here

Design your own tool or weapon. You could use the template below to help you. You could even make the tool if you have the materials at home.