Creative Homework

3F . . . I have been so impressed with the responsibility you have shown towards your creative homework this half term. You have completed some excellent pieces and used the learning from the classroom. I am sorry it has not been possible to show every piece in class.

3H . . . I know that Miss Hutley has been equally impressed and she has been a little more successful in showing all the pieces in 3H.

I have tried to upload as many photos of the completed tasks that we have not be able to look at in class. Some of you have sent in some excellent videos which unfortunately I cannot upload.

Year three . . . enjoy a well deserved half term break and I look forward to seeing you back in school to learn all about the United Kingdom TODAY and what it was like when the Romans were in charge. We will then be able to answer the question . . . what did the Roman ever do for us?

Mr Faithfull