Last Week’s Learning

Year three had another busy week of learning.

In spelling, we are learning all about how to spell verbs when we add the suffixes -ed and -ing. Sometimes the word stays the same and sometimes the root wood changes. For example: fry becomes fried (bye-bye ‘y’ and hello ‘i’)

In solving life’s problems we have been investigating negative numbers (numbers worth less than 0)

For our new topic we have read about the United Kingdom and found out more about England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have listened to the national anthems, learnt about the weather (linking to negative numbers) and cuisine.

For R.E. and PSHE we reflected on the meaning of Remembrance Day and why we buy poppies in November each year.

Because we want our sentences to become more grown up, we have started to look at how to write a complex sentence using different conjunctions. We started with because. Look out for our complex sentences in our one page profiles coming home today.

Finally, on Friday we had a pirate themed day to help raise money for charity. The children’s costumes looked great! During the day, they completed tasks about pirates, coordinates, treasure maps and wanted signs.

The Year Three Team