Weekly Learning Update

In our topic we have focused on Queen Boudicca and the Roman invasion. We learnt how to use the subordinating conjunctions ‘when’ and ‘however’ and used these in our writing to create a wanted poster for Boudicca.

In solving life’s problems, we have worked hard to understand how subtraction works and investigated what happens if we need to exchange numbers from the tens column if we do not have enough ones. Have a go at your My Maths homework to practise this skill further.

For R.E. we learnt about harvest in America and why they celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’. We reflected on things that we are thankful for in this country.

For ICT, 3F used a computer program called Nessy to practise our spelling learning on verb endings. 3H will try this next week.

3F learnt more about a Roman soldier’s uniform and made models using a template with some very intricate cutting and folding. 3H will have a go next week.

3H have learnt about Roman mosaics, made their own by hand and also on the computers. 3F will find out more about this next week.

This afternoon, we used the apparatus in gymnastics and tried to ensure we had a smooth transition between the different gymnastics shapes we have learnt.

We have some photos that we will upload next week.

The year three team hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.