Wednesday 6th January – Learning Tasks

Good morning Year 3. Here are your learning tasks for today.

Summary of daily tasks

  • English: Read ‘The not-just-ginger Gingerbread guy’ by Nadiya Hussain. Summarise the story into the main sections and write a sentence for each. Practise spelling words that end in ‘el’.
  • Solving Life’s Problems: Measure the capacity of different containers in litres and millilitres
  • Topic: Learn some French Greetings

More details for each task


Before Christmas, we were practising the reading skill of summarising. Summarising means to pick out the key events in a story and put them in order. A summary should give enough detail to explain what has happened but not give too much information. Summarise the story of the ‘Gingerbread Guy’ and write a sentence for each key part of the story.

Extra challenge – find out what other recipes use the spice ‘star anise’ or have a go at making some gingerbread guys at home with a family member. Don’t forget to practise your weighing skills!


Practise spelling words that end in ‘el’. Example words can be found using this link – click here

Solving Life’s Problems – Measuring Capacity

Capacity is a measure of how much something can hold.  We use millilitres (ml) and litres (l) to measure capacity.  There are 1000 millilitres in a litre.

Find some containers of different sizes.

Can you order them from the smallest to the largest and estimate how much each container holds?

Then fill each container with water and transfer this water to a measuring jug to find out how many litres or millilitres each container holds.

After measuring, how accurate were you with your ordering and estimates?

To practise reading scales, have a go at this Capacity Countdown game:

Topic: Learn some French Greetings

In Year 3 we begin to learn French.

This video teaches you some greetings in French – click here

Have a go.  Au revoir!