Daily Learning Tasks – Friday 5th February

Good morning Year 3.  Well done for your super learning this week.  You have all been demonstrating the 6Rs and putting a lot of effort into the tasks we have set you to do.  The Year 3 team hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend.

Summary of tasks

  • English: Writing about what makes you happy.  Include some prepositions and subordinating conjunctions in your sentences.
  • Solving Life’s Problems: Two MyMaths tasks to complete. Explore packaging.
  • Topic: Learning about the Food Pyramid.  Design a meal.

Further details…


What Makes You Happy?

Today, we are thinking about what makes us happy.

During the week, what activity or activities do you do which make you happy?  This might be music, art, sport or something else.

Can you write about the activity which makes you happy and include some prepositions and subordinating conjunctions in your sentences?

Remember the subordinating conjunctions we have looked at this week are:

because      when         before        after        while          until

3H – You can use these ideas in your class chat later.

3F – Your class chat will be next week.

Solving Life’s Problems

3D Shapes

We have been very impressed with all the 3D shape models, puzzles, drawings and labels you have completed this week.

Two MyMaths tasks on 3D shapes have been set for you to do.  Use all the skills you have been busy practising to answer the questions.

As an extra activity, if you have any empty cardboard packaging, you could carefully open it to make it flat.  What shape is the net?  Could you design some packaging of your own?  What product would you put in your packaging?


The Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid is one way of showing you how to have a healthy, balanced diet.

It shows you which foods you should try to eat more of and which you should eat less of.

Here is a video about the Food Pyramid.

Could you design a meal that includes something from each section?

Here is a picture of the Food Pyramid to help you.

Have a great day!