Daily Learning Tasks – Thursday 4th February

Good morning Year 3.  It has been wonderful to receive so many emails from you this week saying how much you are enjoying the tasks.  Keep being resourceful and creative.  We love to see the different ways you present your learning.

Summary of tasks

  • English: Learning about bread from around the world.
  • Solving Life’s Problems: Drawing 3D shapes
  • Topic: Learning the names of farm animals in French.

Further details…


Bread from around the world

Continuing with our topic on food, today we are learning about bread.

Bread is a type of baked food.  It is mainly made from dough which is made from flour and water.  Usually, salt and yeast are added.

There are many types of bread and around the world breads come in many forms.  Can you think of any?

Here is a video about some of them.

Can you do some research of your own and find out some more about bread from other countries?

You could present your findings as a fact file, a PowerPoint or you may be creative and choose a completely different way to show your learning.

Solving Life’s Problems

Drawing 3D Shapes

Today, we are going to mix solving life’s problems and art together.  This is called cross curricular.

3D shapes are tricky to draw because you are trying to make a flat drawing look solid.

This video teaches you how to draw some 3D shapes.

While you are drawing the shapes, think about how many faces, vertices and edges each shape has.  You may like to write this next to each shape.

A rectangular prism is another name for a cuboid.

Have fun!


The names of farm animals in French

This video teaches you the names of the farm animals in French.  Practise saying the words and then play the game at the end.

Afterwards you may like to do one of these activities.

  • Draw a farm and label the animals in French.
  • Sing ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’, replacing the animal name in English with the French name.  You could record yourself singing the song.
  • Make a pairs game with the picture of the animal on one square to match with the French word for the animal on another square.

Have a lovely day!