Class of Rock Costumes!

Please see the list of costume requests, for Year 3, below.

Travis Twin- Flamboyant/ Colourful/ In your face Shirt, Trousers/skirt.

Headteacher- Skirt suit with a large belt and a small cushion.

Travis Twins Family- Mature and sensible clothing.

Parents of children- Mature and sensible clothing.

Caretakers- Overalls and tool belt.

Bouncers- All in black with black sunglasses.

Mrs Ryder and Mr Holland- Smart/formal work attire.

School Children– School uniform and rock accessories.

Mr Big- High waisted black trousers and big collared white shirt.

Narrators- Red top and jeans.

Any questions or if you are unable to provide these costumes let us know and we can arrange alternatives.

Miss Catchpole and Mr Joy