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Thursday 21st May – Daily Learning Tasks

Maths: practise your times tables English: read the story ‘Gifts to the Water’ (see below) with an adult or sibling and answer the questions. Draw a picture to show your…


Wednesday 20th May – Daily Learning Tasks

Maths : use the skill of rounding to help estimate answers English : continue to practise spelling different homophones Topic / English: sing the song ‘Ages of Britain’ and write…


Hunter and Gatherer PowerPoint

Below are some screen shots from a PowerPoint presentation made by Arthur in 3F. It is very well presented and full of interesting facts that everyone could use. Well done…


Monday 18th May – Home Learning Tasks

Good morning year three. We hope that you had a fun weekend and that you are looking forward to this week’s home learning. Remember that you can adapt these tasks…


A Message from Mrs Stowers

Mrs Stowers is one of our Teaching and Learning Council Governors and a member of the Church Links Team.


A week of learning . . .

Here is your weekly update with some of the learning that has been sent in. I hope you have enjoyed completing some of the tasks. We hear that the dance…

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