Year 4 presents….a night at the museum!


Hello everyone!


Sorry for the delay on photos from the museum, we had an amazing stay (as you can see).

The museum planned so many activities for us, there was barely enough time.


Firstly, we got to explore the museum for ourselves before coming back and having some delicious tea from the local chip shop.

Afterwards, we were put into teams and had to find clues around the museum, but we had to make sure to stay in our teams and bring each person back with us every time or we couldn’t have the next clue!

Finally, it was time to settle down for the evening to watch ‘The night at the museum’, we had sweets to share (or not to share) and got cosy in our sleeping bags, ready for a good nights sleep…


In the morning, we packed up our things and had some breakfast (well done Mr Walsh on the excellent toast making!), before eventually getting to have one last look around the museum.


A huge well done to the students for surviving a night there and a massive thank you to everyone involved.


Many Thanks,

Year 4 Team.