Race to 1000!

4S has been keeping their brains fresh and fit today with work on place value.


First, we made 4 or more digit numbers and turned them into words (trying to find out where we put the comma and why? and if there are any trends when writing them down and saying them.


After that, we played a game called ‘race to 1000’. This game is all about the value of a number in each column.

They have to roll a dice and place a number in either H, T or O (they do this twice). They then have to add them together and see who gets closer to 1000. Whoever gets closest or reaches 1000 is the winner!

(If they go over 1000 they unfortunately lose!).


At first, lots were putting their biggest numbers into the hundreds column but they soon opted against this when they were exceeding 1000!


Here are a few photos from today’s lesson.