Guided reading – reciprocal reading

Today in 4S we tried out a new strategy for guided reading called reciprocal reading. In reciprocal reading there are 4 jobs; questioner; predictor; clarifier and summariser.

The questioner has to think of questions they want answering about the text before and during the read.

The predictor discusses with their group what they think the text is about and what might happen.

Clarifier has the job of finding out the meaning to tricky words.

The summariser then sums up what they have just read and shares it with the group.


Reciprocal reading worked very well today in order to find out about different famous Native Americans. 4S were able to make large story boards about Pocahontas, Sacagawea and Geronimo to share with 4T and to teach them what we had found out this morning.


A very productive and interesting lesson – well done 4S!


Mrs Short