Year 4 homework for Vive La France.


As part of our homework policy here at Kelvedon St Mary’s, year 4’s are expected to complete 1 piece of homework a week. We request that homework is in every Thursday.

Here is a copy of the homework for this term.


Many thanks,

Mrs Short and Miss Taylor.


Activities – Vive La France

1.To write a poem telling the story of the French revolution. Remember the causes of the revolution and where it all began.

2. Create a poster in support of the Commoners in the French Revolution. Think about all the reasons they stood against the Nobility and what they were fighting for.

3. Create an invitation to a dinner at the Palace of Versailles with King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. Include details of the menu and the entertainment provided.

4. Make a French banner or flag that may have been used by the revolutionaries. You may use any materials to do this.