Russian folk story – Baba Yaga and the black geese.

Due to our new topic being the World Cup and it being in Russia, we have read about an old Russian folk tale called Baba Yaga and the black geese.


First, we watched a video of the story that had no story teller just illustrations. Year 4 had to interpret what was happening and make notes.

After this, we shared our thoughts on what we thought happened within the story with the rest of the class and compared it with other groups.

Lastly, we got to hear the actual story of Baba Yaga (in both English and Russian thanks to Yasmin Murphy) and we are linking it to our literacy work next week.


Baba Yaga was quite an interesting story and year 4 seemed to really enjoy it!


What a lovely few days it has been – great work year 4!


Mrs Short and Miss Taylor.