Let’s All Love To Read!

Helping and encouraging children to develop a love of reading is important as reading runs through almost every area of education and is vital in later learning and adulthood. العاب عمل في الشركة

Things that we do in school and class to promote this:

  • develop and encourage an enthusiastic attitude towards reading
  • have a well-stocked library with a range of books from different authors and genres
  • link topics of learning to reading
  • support the children to find books they will enjoy reading
  • Incentivise reading through rewards and the use of Accelerated Reader
  • Plan opportunities for adults to model great reading to the children
  • Choose interesting texts to use for whole-class and guided reading sessions
  • Give the children plenty of opportunities to enjoy reading on their own, with a partner or in a small group
  • Have fiction and non-fiction books that are read by an adult to the class.
  • Support learners who find reading tricky
  • Hold enrichment events such as author visits and celebrating world book day

Things that you can do at home:

  • hear your child read regularly and talk to them about their book
  • foster a positive attitude towards reading and emphasise its importance
  • find interesting books to read together
  • read aloud regularly so your child can enjoy stories they may find too tricky to read alone
  • visit the local library and help your child find fiction and non-fiction books they will enjoy
  • have plenty of books ‘around the house’ — something to bear in mind with Chr****** (ssshhhhh!) fast approaching
  • find books that can be used to support your child’s creative homework tasks