Friday 27th March 2020 – Learning Tasks

Good morning year 4. It seems unbelievable that a week has passed without our exciting times at Kelvedon. We hope you are all well and that you are enjoying time with your loved ones. Thank you to your parents and carers for taking great care of you. Please remember to use all of our values. Your parents will especially need you to be honest, caring and responsible. Be a member of your ‘household crew’.


Here are your learning tasks for the day:

Maths: missing number questions

English: scene script

Topic: stop-start motion

Other: celebrity learning ideas



Here is some more information if required:

Maths: lots of you found missing number questions tricky in our recent assessments. Hopefully, this learning will help you feel more confident.

Here are 3 challenges:

Missing number problems

Try these problem solving and reasoning challenges too:


Topic: make or find some figures to become your characters. For example, you could make some wizards out of Lego. Create your own stop-start motion. الربح الحقيقي You could use a camera, a phone, an ipad/pod or a motion app like one of these: https://freeappsforme. الربح الحقيقي com/stop-motion-apps/#stop-motion-studio

If it is difficult to use technology, why not make a comic strip instead? What are your characters going to do or say?


English: write a play script for your motion picture. Here is a check list for a play script. You can check the list off as you go. Ask an adult to check it when they are free and the last box is for us to check, hopefully soon!


Other: some of you may have seen this already but here is a list of celebrity shows that are helping children to learn new skills. You might like to try some.

Have a great weekend too. We hope the sun shines for you. Perhaps you could learn a new skill. تنزيل العاب اون لاين Could you learn to change the bed sheets? To cook a new meal? To weed the garden?


Wishing you all the best,

Miss Reece and Mrs Hewitt