Monday 23rd March 2020 Learning Tasks

Good morning 4R and 4H. We hope you a nice, safe weekend.

Here are your three learning tasks for the day:

English: write a character description about a witch or a wizard

Maths: perimeter task – measure (or estimate) the lengths of rectangular shapes. Work out the perimeter.

Topic: Turn your breakfast, lunch or dinner into a gruesome recipe.



Here are some more details if needed:

Character description: choose a character eg. Harry Potter. Use adjectives, adverbs and a range of connectives. How will you set this out? Are you going to use paper or could you record it? كازينو البحرين

Perimeter: remember perimeter is the distance round the edge of a 2D shape.

Topic: write a recipe for one of your meals. Could you pretend you’re a witch version of Mary Berry?


Wishing you all the best,

Miss Reece and Mrs Hewitt