Monday 27th April 2020 – Learning Tasks

Good morning year 4! What a stunning weekend of weather. We hope you enjoyed yourself and had a nice relax.

Here are your learning tasks for the day:

Maths: learning about money

Topic/French: parts of the body

Writing: complex sentences

Here is some more information if required:

Maths: this week, the aim is to learn more about money. There are three My Maths challenges set for you today. تعليم القمار In the week, we will be asking you to apply your understanding. تكساس بوكر

Here are two tutorial videos from the BBC to help you:

There are also 30 short clips about money. Why not choose a couple with the title of something you find tricky?

French: to learn the parts of the body in French

Watch this video to explain the body parts in French.

Can you label the parts of the body? The answers are provide too.

Applying your skills – could you draw a picture of your favourite African animal and label the body parts in French? رهان كرة القدم You might be able to think of another creative way to applying your skills.

Writing: complex sentences

Complex sentences have a main clause, a subordinating conjunction and a subordinating clause.

Here is a reminder:

Write some complex sentences about a topic of your interest (for example. an African animal, your favourite film or maybe a pet).

Here is a clip from the Lion King with complex sentence examples underneath:

Zazu follows Simba and Nala because he reports to King Mufasa.

Simba has to listen to Zazu although he is a bird.

Simba and Nala try to escape from Zazu since they want to visit the Elephant Graveyard.

Wishing you a great week of learning!

Mrs Hewitt and Miss Reece