Thursday 30th April 2020 – Learning Ideas

Good morning year 4. There’s two more days until the weekend! We hope Saturday brings you and your families some sunshine. A walk in the rain with a warm coat on can still be great fun 🙂

Here are your learning ideas for the day:

Maths: solving money problems

Topic: art

Writing: adverbs and adverbial phrases

Here is some more information if required:

Maths: you have been learning lots about money this week. Here are a selection of challenges:

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:

Challenge 3:

Art: Use any materials (natural or man made) to create an animal image.

Here is an inspirational picture:


We have looked at sentence types this week. You can add detail to your sentences using adverbs or adverbial phrases. This website shows you how:

Write some of your own based on a photo or video of your choice. Could you based them on your art?

Here is an example:

The lion cubs waited quietly before they pounced!

Have a wonderful day year 4. We are thinking of you all and sending best wishes. افضل طريقة للربح في الروليت

Mrs Hewitt and Miss Reece