Wednesday 29th April 2020 – Learning Tasks

Good morning year 4. Despite the rain yesterday, we hope that you still enjoyed your day.

Here are your learning ideas for the day:

Writing: compound sentences

Maths/Topic: animal top trumps

French: animals

Additional: reading and quizzing, times tables and exercise

Here is some more information if required:

Maths: decide on a set of criteria (eg. running speed, average height etc). Research a range of animals and create a set of Top Trump cards. بلاك جاك Play these with a sibling or adult at an appropriate time.

Here is an example set of Top Trump cards for ‘mini beasts’ with instructions:

Here is a template for you to make your own:

How could you apply this to maths learning? Could the TT cards have maths questions to get the answer rather than just the answer? موقع مراهنات كرة قدم eg. Running speed = 6 x 4 miles per hour.

Writing: when writing, it is important to show a range of skills. We have learnt alot about compound sentences. Below is a recap:

Try to use a range of conjunctions:

Choose an animal or subject of your choice and write a selection of compound sentences:

Here are some examples. I have based them on this clip:

Giraffes have the same amount of neck bones as humans but each of the giraffe’s neck bones is much longer.

Giraffes can see on coming predators for they have long necks.

This is NOT a compound sentence:

Giraffes are tall and slim. ‘Slim’ is not a main clause. لعبة القمار

French: to learn the animals in French and think of an exciting way to show your learning such as: a drawing, a game, comic strip, song, presentation etc.

Here is a video to help you:

Have a great day,

Mrs Hewitt and Miss Reece