Friday 12th June Y3/4 (wk9)

Ahoy me hearties for the final time. After today, Mr. Taylor and I will be sailing off to ventures new (really, we will be returning to school with Year 6, on Monday 15th June) and different teachers will be taking over planning your Home Learning. Mr. Salmon will be taking over Year 3 learning and Miss Reece will be taking over Year 4 learning. If you email them on your usual Year 3 and Year 4 email addresses, they will receive your messages.We are sure that they will be very excited to share your learning, just as we have been.

We hope that you have enjoyed taking part in the various Pirate activities as much as we have enjoyed setting them for you. It has been fantastic to see all your hats, ships, poems, diaries, problem solving, navigation challenges, instructions etc. So much of it has made us chuckle! We thank you very much for it all and if you would like feedback on your learning, please email it to us by 3.30pm today, to give us time to respond.

A HUGE well done and an even bigger Yo Ho Ho to you all!

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs. Lawrence and Mr. Taylor

Daily English task

Today, you are going to finish your pirate inspired stories me hearties, ready for a good story telling session to end the week. (Is there anyone in your household who you could read your story to?) You need to include how the problem, that the pirate’s encountered yesterday, was solved and think of a good ending. Try not to end with ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ as that is best for Fairy Tales and I suspect your pirate story is not one of those!

When you have completed your story you will need to re-read it and check it over. Check for:

  • Capital letters and full stops used correctly
  • Commas, question marks, exclamation marks used correctly (if you know how to)
  • Sentences which make sense (no extra words or words missing)
  • Sentences organised into different sections (paragraphs)
  • Interesting descriptions and details

We hope the members of your crew enjoy the tales you have to tell!

Daily Maths task:

As well as navigating the ship, solving word searches, telling stories and solving maths problems; the pirates needed to know how to tell the time of day. Otherwise, how would they know when to wake up or have lunch etc?

Your task today, is all about solving time problems…how long something takes to do or the time when something is done.

There are 2 levels of questions, depending on how confident you feel.  If you feel super confident then you can always make up some pirate time problems, like I did, for another person in your household to complete. Don’t forget to work out the answers so you will know if they are correct! If you need a reminder about how to tell the time, here is a video that might help you (it is quite good up until the story part!):

Here is a sheet of clock faces, in case you need them to help work out the time problems:

Here are the time questions and answers:

It’s time to get cracking me hearties – there’s no time like the present to solve these time problems!

Quick Maths Challenge:

Pirate Challenge of the Day: House of cards Challenge

After all that physical training you have been doing for your captain, you have earned a night off under the deck with your crew. However, one of your pirate mates has challenged to be the first to build a house of cards. Can you rise to the challenge (if no playing cards – what else could you use?). This is easy in principle but not so much in practice! The goal here is to build a structure out of playing cards with a roof. Balancing cards on one another is not easy and it becomes more difficult as you build up the cards and they get higher. Good luck children!

ICT Link to an online activity: Caterpillar Ordering

A great game for ordering numbers and for number sequences. You can pick the level that suits you as their are so many to chose from. It is best to start with ordering before attempting sequencing. Levels range from ordering and sequencing numbers to 5 up to decimals.

Message of the day:

“There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”

Wreck-It Ralph – Wreck-lt Ralph (the Movie)