Thursday 11th June Y3/4 (wk9)

Good morning years 3 and 4, we hope you are keeping well and looking forward to today’s learning tasks.

Apart from doing word searches, solving problems and navigating the ship; another way that pirates used to like to pass the time was by telling each other stories. Obviously, not many sailors could read and write, so they told stories from their memories – probably adding extra bits in as they went along to make the story more exciting or gruesome!

Daily English task (A 2 day task):

Your task today, is to start to create and write a pirate story of your own.

I have included some pictures which might help you with ideas – but you do not have to use them if you have better ones yourself.

I have also included a pirate story about Captain Plank to read as more inspiration.

Today, you need to plan your story and start to write it – possibly up to the problem. You will finish the rest of it tomorrow. There will be, however, a 500 word limit – but don’t worry – your story can be less words than that if you want!

Think about:

Here is a story mountain planning sheet to use, if you would like one.

Daily Maths task: Pirate addition and subtraction mosaics.

When they are not telling stories, completing word searches or navigating the ship; remember that pirates like to solve maths problems – and here are some more today!

You’re going to need to sharpen your colouring pencils and get your addition and subtraction pirate hats on for today’s task.

In each square, there is an addition or subtraction calculation. Solve the calculation (you might need to do this on a separate piece of paper) and then look at the answer. Use the colour / answer key at the top of the sheet which will tell you which colour to colour the square in (depending on the answer).

When you have completed all the calculations, you should see a pirate inspired picture emerge.

Shiver me timbers me hearties – it’ll be like magic!

The answer sheet is included below each question sheet so you can check if you are correct.

There are 3 calculation sheets and answers included – you complete as many as you would like – have fun!


Quick Maths Challenge:

Pirate Challenge of the Day: Make your own compass Challenge

Pirates, you must be able to navigate your ship so can you make your own compass that shows you which direction North is? Watch this video to see how you might do it.

ICT Link to an online activity: Time Game

Try this maths games on time and the calendar. You need to click on the crystals to complete all the activities. It is another game involving a fish – here comes Speedy 2! If you complete both tasks, then the treasure is revealed with some bonus features that are on offer!

Message of the day:

“Just keep swimming.”

Dory – Finding Nemo