Tuesday 2nd June Y3/4 (wk8)

Good morning Years 3 and 4 , we hope you and your families are all keeping well. Wow -we were amazed (and very impressed) by how many of you shared your learning with us yesterday! A HUGE well done – it was brilliant to see and to hear that so many of you are enjoying the new theme. We also never realised how many pirates there are secretly lurking around Kelvedon!

We hope you enjoyed decoding the secret pirate words using your times table skills yesterday.

Today, you are going to use those words to find where they are located in a word search (we have heard that pirates used to enjoy doing these to pass away the long hours at sea!) We will blog the words as well though, in case you did not do the maths task(s) yesterday.

Daily English task 1:

Words to be found in both word searches:

Buccaneer    parrot   plank   captain     sail   cutlass

Daily English task 2:

There are of course, many more words linked to pirates. I can think of (for example) flags, treasure, maps, ship to name but a few.

Your challenge today is to think of more of your own words (more than 20 would be amazing!) and to choose some to include in a word search which you have created.

Top tip: Put the pirate words into the word search first and then fill up the other squares with random letters.

Can another member of your household find all of your hidden words? (Pirates need to be very good at hiding things – words included!) Remember to list the words to be found underneath your word search box.

Daily Maths task

Your maths task today is to solve some pirate word problems (pirates need to be good at solving problems as they sometimes have to get themselves out of sticky situations!) You can choose your level of challenge (1 is the easiest) and if you feel super confident, you could have a go at making some up of your own to ask someone in your household to solve.

Good luck me hearties – tomorrow we’ll find a good ship to sail the seas in!

Quick Maths Challenge:

Pirate Challenge of the Day: Sun dial Challenge

Pirates need to be able to tell the time at any point in the day so they know when to set sail! Your challenge is to make your own sun dial. If you have a garden or SAFE outdoor space, create a sundial outside. Mark every hour with the length of the shade and number it in a creative way!

ICT Link to an online activity: Rocket Rounding

A easy-to-access multiple choice game involving rounding numbers to ten, a hundred and to a whole number (involving decimals). There are two options, one with a number line and the other more difficult level, without one. Also, you can select your difficultly level (rounding to 99, 999, 9,999 or 9.9). I played it in full-screen mode which worked best. Have fun!


Message of the day:

“Some people are worth melting for”