Wednesday 10th June Y3/4 (wk9)

Good morning Years 3 and 4 and welcome to Wednesday’s home learning tasks.

Today we will be continuing with the theme of pirates and their treasure, which we started to explore yesterday.

In reality, pirates burying treasure was rare. The only pirate known to have actually buried treasure was William Kidd, who is believed to have buried at least some of his wealth on Gardiners Island near Long Island before sailing into New York City.

Daily Maths task – Treasure Island!

Your task today, is to use the co-ordinate skills, which you practised yesterday, to create your own treasure map for Captain William Kidd (he obviously needed a map to remind him where he had buried his valuables).

Your treasure map must include a grid – like the one below – so that you can plot different places/objects (like the maps yesterday) and use grid references (co-ordinates) to say where they are.  I have included a couple as examples. Don’t forget to mark where the buried treasure is hidden!

Can you now ask another member of your household to find different places/items on your map when you tell them the co-ordinates?

By being able to plot co-ordinates you are a Master of Maps or a Champion of Co-ordinates – whichever you prefer! Being able to read a map is obviously another very useful pirate skill to have in your pirate toolkit.

Daily English task:

Captain William Kidd had originally been commissioned as a private Sea Captain obtaining goods for England, but his behaviour had strayed into piracy. He hoped that he would be able to use his treasure to avoid punishment but his plan failed. Captain William Kidd was a wanted man in both America and England!

Watch these videos to find out more about him.

Your task today is to create a Wanted poster for Captain Kidd. I have given you an example of such a poster below.

Think about what information you need to include on the poster:

  • His full name
  • His description
  • What he is wanted for
  • His age
  • What reward is offered
  • Where he was last seen

Some information you can get from the videos but do feel free to make some up and be creative.

If you would like a template to use for your poster, I have included one below (there is a 2nd on the pdf with lines if that helps).

You do not have to use it however, you can make up your own.

We look forward to learning more about this Scallywag!

Quick Maths Challenge:

Pirate Challenge of the Day: Elbow Coin Challenge (coins)

Whilst under the deck relaxing, another crew mate sets the challenge to catch coins. You agree to have a go. Remember, pirates are not very trustworthy and any you drop might mysteriously disappear.

-Rest the back of your hand on the same shoulder, so your elbow should be pointed out and the underside of the arm facing up.

-Then they place a coin on your arm, just above the elbow.

-The idea is to quickly draw your elbow into your side so that the coin flies into the air, and at the same time, flip the arm over so that they can catch the coin.

It’s tough to catch just one coin but how big a stack can you catch?

Safety tip: please ask you parent/carer where you can try this challenge (we don’t want anything damaged!)

ICT Link to an online activity: Fish Bowl

Use your subtraction skills to play this bowling game. You may use a pencil and paper to help you solve the problems.

Check out my score! Who can match it?

Message of the day:

“Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta at something.”

Jake – Adventure Time