Thursday 28th January 2021 – Home Learning Ideas

Good morning year 4,

it has been great to see how well you are doing at the moment. It is a tough situation that we are all in, but so many of you are showing great resilience and perseverance which is really great to see. Keep it going! Remember, you can only try your best. If you do that then everything will be fine!

Here are your learning ideas for today:

Lockdown idea: The Big Schools Winter Watch Live

English: shape poetry

Solving life’s problems: pounds and pence ( money)

Topic: creating a report

Lockdown idea: The Big Schools Winter watch live

Gather up, Winterwatchers! Learn some key skills to help you get outdoors and find out more about the birds in your environment with a very special Live Lesson at 11am. Why not watch and join in? How many different animals can you spot in your local environment? Below is a link to the live lesson which will start at 11:00am:

English: Shape poetry

shape poem is a poem that is shaped like the thing it describes. The shape adds to the meaning of the poem. Below is a link to short learning video about shape poetry:

Task: We would like you to create a shape poem about a volcano or an earthquake. Remember to write your poem in the shape of the thing you are writing about. Can you perform you poem to someone?

Solving Life’s Problems: Making different amounts of money using pounds and pence.

Watch the learning video below which will help you understand how we use pounds and pence.

In the video, you are asked to order the copper and silver coins, but the one pound and two pound coins are not mentioned. Can you find out what materials these coins are made from?

If you are feeling confident, why not have a try at the following challenge? Or why not find some coins and notes, and create some of your own problems.

Topic: Creating a report.

We would like you to use your writing skills and your knowledge of earthquakes to create a TV report or a radio news bulletin. Your report should be about an earthquake that has happened in Japan. You can base your report on an actual earthquake that has happened in the past or you can create an earthquake for your report.

Below is a link to a video which shares some hints and tips on how to write an effective report:

Also, I have attached some extra resources that you want to use when planning and writing your report:

Keep up the good work year 4!

Have a great day,

The Year 4 Team.