TT Rockstars comes to Kelvedon!

Good afternoon year 4,

as mentioned earlier, TT Rockstars has come to Kelvedon so let the Times Tables rocking begin! To login, you will need the same username and password that you use for AR reading. Below are some videos that may help you to understand what TT Rockstars is:

This video is aimed at pupils and talks about the different levels within the game. Please do not worry about the paper or app versions of the game. We will just be using the website for now.

This video is aimed at parents/ guardians but it can be viewed by pupils as well. In this video, it talks about homework but at the moment we will not be doing this or setting any times tables. So, just explore the different game modes 🙂

If you have any problems or questions then please contact us through the year 4 email 🙂

Have fun!

The year 4 team.