Wednesday 5th January 2021 – Year 4 Home Learning

Good morning year 4. We hope that yesterday went well for you all and that things settle throughout the week. These are tricky times but we know you will be resilient!

Here are your learning ideas for today:

Lockdown idea – elephants

Maths – addition and subtraction

English – speech marks recap

Topic – Japan Factfile

Here is some more information for you:

Lockdown idea – Milk bottle elephants

It’s so easy to make elephants out of plastic milk bottles and they look so good. Just cut the bottom off the bottle and cut arches into the back and sides to make the legs, then chop the handle so it looks like a trunk. Cover them with glue and then stick on the crepe paper and googly eyes. You’ll soon have a full family of Elmer the Patchwork Elephants to enjoy. Can you make any other animals from your recycling? Check with adults first and remember to clean up afterwards.

Maths: addition and subtraction

Challenge 1: column subtraction (without regrouping)

Challenge 2: column subtraction with regrouping

Challenge 3:


English – speech mark recap

Topic – Japan factfile

Here are two factfiles.

Use your research skills to find out information on Japan (remember to safe search). Can you create your own one about Japan?

Have a lovely day!