Year 4 – Additional Ideas

Below are some other ideas you might like to try to support your learning:


Spellzone is a great site to use to practise your spelling. It has a range of games and word lists.

You might like to try these too:

Times Tables:

By the end of year 4, the aim is to know all times table facts to 12 x 12. Try ‘hit the button’ as a fun way to learn them. لعبة بينجو


It’s really important for your health and well-being to keep moving.

Joe Wicks is back from Monday 11th January!


Here is are two booklets to help you learn how to join all of your letters. CHECK WITH ADULTS BEFORE PRINTING! مواقع القمار

Relax your mind:

Try some yoga to help you relax.


Love Reading 4 Kids has small extracts of their books. It could help you to find a new genre of book and help to practise your comprehension skills.


Need a break from the laptop? I know it’s still a screen but it is a different type of screen and you could move around whilst you watch or just listen. The BBC are offering some TV learning from next week. روليت كازينو Here is some more information.

Best wishes,

Year 4 Team