Spelling Session #3

Good morning year 4. Here is this week’s spelling session:

In the video, you will notice that I became a bit confused when making nouns that end in a vowel into plurals. I can confirm that adding an -s to these words will work sometimes but not others. We have to learn these words. Here are some more details for you:

Adding -s or -es to words ending in O.
You can either add an -s or -es to words ending in O or sometimes they’re spelled either way.

a. If a word ends in a vowel-a,e,i,o,u + O then we sometimes add -s. موقع 365
radio/radios, stereo/stereos, video/videos

b. If a words ends in consonant + O then we sometimes add -s or -es. اربح المال من الانترنت
No rules for this – you just have to learn them or use a dictionary. رهان مباشر
kilo/kilos, zero/zeros, piano/pianos, photo/photos
but hero/heroes, potato/potatoes, volcano/volcanoes, tomato/tomatoes.