Thursday 4th February 2021 – Home Learning Ideas

Good morning year 4,

we just wanted to say another huge well done for all your hard work so far this week! Keep it going!

Here are your learning ideas for today:

Lockdown idea: visit a zoo

English: Diaries

Solving life’s problems: time – years, months, weeks and days

Topic: Koi fish drawing

Lockdown idea: Why not visit a zoo from the comfort of your home? Click on the link below to watch various animals via a variety of different live streams. Maybe you could create a picture of you favorite animal?

English: Diaries

SPAG warm up: Adverb recap

Main Session:

Tomorrow, we would like you to write a diary entry (or a few entries).

You can pretend to be someone else or write as yourselves. You could pretend that you have been somewhere; use a past experience or write about some days in lockdown – it’s up to you.

TASK: to plan your diary entry

You can use this plan to help you or create your own.

Challenge – can you include and plan in:

  • Emotive language?
  • Fronted adverbials?
  • Adverbs?
  • Expanded noun phrases?

Stuck for ideas?

You could plan a diary entry about visiting the Japanese bloom trees for the first time or you could imagine that you have visited a Japanese landmark.

Solving life’s problems: Time – years, months, weeks and days

Watch the learning video which will guide you through years, months, weeks and days. If you are feeling confident, why not try the challenge task below:

Topic: Koi fish drawing

Koi fish are beautiful carp that hold special symbolism in Japanese culture. Koi ponds are placed in beautiful, tranquil settings and Japanese gardens. For your task today, we would like you to create a piece of art showing a Koi fish. Maybe you could use pencil? Paint? Oil pastels? It is up to you.

The following website has a variety of facts about the Koi fish if you wish to find out more information about the species:

How to Draw a Koi Fish · Art Projects for Kids
How to Draw a Koi Fish · Art Projects for Kids
Koi Watercolor Art Project for Kids
Koi Fish Art Lesson | Deep Space Sparkle

Have a great day of learning year four.

The Year Four Team.