Spelling workshop

Our parent / pupil literacy workshop was very well attended today and I hope the adults found the content useful.

The main points raised were:

  • Reading fluency is really important so children need to read to an adult as much as possible.
  • Memorising lists of words is not an effective manner for learning spellings (for most children).
  • Concentrating on spelling patterns and rules and spotting word exceptions leads to better long term spelling results.
  • The children have many different techniques for practising their spellings. These concentrate on breaking the word down and looking at patterns. Ask your child to tell you about them if you were not able to attend.
  • At Kelvedon we use a range of activities and strategies to improve your child’s spelling.

If you were unable to attend the session, or you did and have any questions, please come and have a chat with us after school.


Mr Faithfull and Mrs Colgrave