Such a busy week in year five . . .

Below are details of the learning that took place  – photos to be posted on Monday.  Ask your child and they can tell you all about each aspect.


  • History – what it was like as a soldier in the Roman army and the training that took place. How the Celtic tribes (lead by Queen Boudicca) rebelled against Roman rule in East Anglia. How the Romans entertained themselves – gladiator fighting and chariot racing.
  • We linked this to . . . diary writing  skills such as using prepositional phrases, fronted adverbials, including appropriate punctuation, advanced emotional language and key Roman topic vocabulary.
  • Guided Reading – famous Roman leaders, enemies and the use of elephants in battle.
  • Science – the planets in the solar system – research, how they got their names, building databases and artwork using different pastel skills.
  • Numeracy – decimal number work, money, vertical method multiplication and more key language around factors and multiples. 5F also revisited negative numbers to further their understanding.
  • Spelling – contracted and expanded word forms in 5F; the ‘i’ before ‘e’ rule in 5C.
  • R.E. – the Christian creation story and how the Roman’s believed the world begun.
  • PSHE – using the skill of reflection and how to speak confidently during parent consultations.