The children are currently learning how to spell words with silent letters (we refer to silent letters as unstressed letters as they are not pronounced when the word is said).


If you would like some example words, a useful search string to use on an internet search engine is: ‘words with a silent letter’ or a more specific search could be ‘words with a silent g’.  The website spellzone (www.spellzone.com)  is a resource I use in school.


I am always a little wary of sending home list of words as this encourages the children to try and memorise the spelling which is not how we teach the children to learn the spelling in school. Please ask you child how they practise their spellings in school if you were unable to attend the spelling workshop earlier this year.


Sometimes we concentrate on specific spelling patterns or rules (not particularly applicable to words with silent letters) where a list of words may be more useful.


Mr Faithfull