3-D Nets . . .

5F are coming to the end of their learning on 3-D shapes and today investigated nets. The task was to create a net of a 3-D shape with a partner.

The skills learnt were:

  • identifying the specific properties of the 3-D shape each pair were given
  • visualising how each face would look as a net and how it would join together
  • using a reasoned approach to draw the net
  • carefully cutting it out and checking the end product
  • trying again if it didn’t work by fixing any mistakes

Accuracy was key!

We also used the klixi to try and build some complicated 3-D shapes such as a dodecahedron and an octahedron.

I was impressed with the children’s use of the 6Rs in this lesson – particularly their reasoning and resourcefulness.

Here are some photos – as you can see we investigated lots of different 3-D shapes and their nets.