Electronic Communication

5F spent an extended PSHE circle time yesterday talking about how we communicate electronically, the benefits and also the possible problems. We also discussed the various ways and apps that can be used for electronic communication.

We came up with several top tips:

  • Only talk to people that you know.
  • When online, gaming or messaging behave the same way as you would if you were speaking to someone face to face
  • Make sure the language you use in messages is the same as the language you use when speaking face to face – if you wouldn’t want your parents to know the language you have used, then it isn’t appropriate.
  • If anything makes you feel uncomfortable or you see or hear something that you know you shouldn’t, switch off the device / close the app and speak to an adult.
  • Never give out any personal information such as your address, telephone number, the name of our school or any clubs that you attend.
  • If you have had a disagreement with a friend or group of friends, sort it out ‘in the real world’.

We finished the session by using role play to show how excluding people from online groups or leaving a group without warning is the same as ignoring someone on the playground or running off without warning.

Please support your child to follow these top tips when they communicate electronically.

Mr Faithfull