5F have been learning about lines of symmetry on 2-D shapes. They practised drawing on a mirror lines to regular and irregular shapes and using a mirror to check.

Here are some things they learnt:

  • rectangles do not have a diagonal line of symmetry
  • circles have an infinite number of lines of symmetry
  • equilateral triangles have 3 lines of symmetry; isosceles triangles have 1 and scalene triangles do not have any.
  • the number of sides of a regular shape tells you how many lines of symmetry it has e.g. a hexagon (6 sides) has 6 lines of symmetry
  • some irregular shapes have no lines  of symmetry but some have some – the number of sides does not help you.
  • a parallelogram has no lines of symmetry
  • a rhombus has 2 lines of symmetry

Tomorrow, we will look at lines of symmetry in a pattern and link it to Ancient Egyptian artwork. Keep an eye out for what we produce.