24.3.20 – Home Learning

Good morning! Please find below a list of activities that can be completed at home – remember that there is lots of learning that can also be completed at home that may not be on the list!

Maths: We are going to continue looking at units of measurement. This time we are going to look at conversions. We found this really handy conversions chart on the following website:


Have a look at the different conversions. Can you convert any of the items you found yesterday into different measurements? Are there any measurements you do not recognise?  If you have any measurement devices at home (tape measure/ruler) can you measure items around the house and then convert them. A good idea would be to set up your own conversions chart! EXT: ask you parents/guardians for some numbers and a unit of measurement and covert these if you can.

English: In preparation for our biography about a famous astronaut you need to complete some research about that astronaut. Remember you do not need to copy down everything you read but just take notes! Tip: end your search with ‘for kids’ ex: Buzz Aldrin facts for kids.

Topic: As this would usually be our hall slot and I know how much you love dancing – follow this dance routine and try and teach it to a sibling or an adult:


Have a lovely day!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey