26.3.20 – Home Learning

Good Morning everyone and happy Thursday!

Daily Learning for today is:


Design a house that you could live in on the moon (pretend only). You need to write down the measurements of the house by working out the perimeter and area of each of your rooms. This will not be to scale so you can write down suitable units of measurement. It is completely up to you whether you want to build a bungalow or 2/3/4 story house and how many rooms you have. It will be easier to do a birds eye view of your house so that you can write down your measurements.

Perimeter: Length around the outside (add the measurements around the outside together)

Area: Total space within a shape. (On a square or rectangle multiply the length and width together)

EXT: try adding more complex shapes and triangles into your house and work out the perimeter and area of these. You may have to ‘google’ how to find the area of these shapes.


You should now have plenty of information about your chosen astronaut. Today’s task is to sort this information into subheadings to help with your writing tomorrow. You need to make sure that your biographies are in chronological order and include relevant information. You may want to colour code your notes, for example: in blue highlight all the notes about his/her early life, in yellow highlight all the information about his/her training etc. You will hopefully have 4 or more subheadings you can sort your information into. Remember you can always look back at biographies already written to help inspire you.


We want you to find somewhere in the house you find the most relaxing, take out a new book or a favourite book or your current reading book and spend a good amount of time just enjoying this book. Get lost in the story line and imagine yourself in the book. If your parents are around offer to read your book to them or ask them to read to you. In this unusual time sometimes it’s good just to relax and get lost in a book.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Powell and Mrs Harvey