An Extra Physical Challenge

It is important to keep active and exercise.

F.I.T.T explains what we need.

F. (Frequency) How often? Each day

I. (Intensity) How hard to work? Moderate so when you breathe harder and feel warmer.

T. (Time) How long? 60 Minutes a day (doesn’t have to be all in one go).

T. (Type) What activities? A variety that will provide movement, strengthen muscles and bones and aerobic activities which mean you get out of breath and feel warmer. Your heart will beat faster so it helps to keep heart and lungs healthy.

Skipping is an easy activity to help keep us fit.
How many skips can you do in 1 minute?

The challenge

Before you start skipping, make sure you have space around you- outside in a garden is the best place if you have one (check with an adult that you are safe to skip before you start).

Mrs Harvey’s Attempt.
You don’t have to watch the whole minute but do you trust me on the result?

Well I surprised myself and managed 139 skips in one minute. It doesn’t matter if you have to stop; you can just continue counting the skips you do, until the minute is up.

Set your own challenge and try and beat your personal best.

I might try to do 5% more skips next time.

10% of 139 is 13.9 (10/100=1/10= divide by 10) so That is 14 to the nearest whole number.

5% must be 7 because it is half of 10% so I will try to get to (139+7) 146 next time.

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    Wow well done!

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