Home Learning – 1.4.20

Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s learning and are able to recognise more times on the clock than you could before!


On a digital clock showing 24-hour time, over a whole day, how many times does a 5appear?

Is it the same number for a 12-hour clock over a whole day?


Continue telling the time to the nearest hour, quarter to/past, half past, five minute intervals, second etc.

Daily Maths:

Ch1 – 68

Ch2 – 473

Ch3 – 796

  1. add 35.6 subtract 12.4
  2. subtract 35.5 add 27.6
  3. divide by 10
  4. write in words
  5. write in Roman Numerals
  6. divide by 6 (write as a remainder or as a decimal)
  7. find 1/6
  8. add 7 squared
  9. James’ film lasted ________ minutes. How many hours and minutes is this?
  10. There were _________ letters shared out equally between 4 people. How many letters did each person get and how many were left undelivered.


Today’s task is to practice your spellings in a creative way.

Some creative ways could be:

Rainbow writing

Bubble writing

Backwards writing

Acrostic writing

Scrabble letters

Making a picture out of the word/letters

These spellings can be found in your yellow books or if you need some different words to practice have a look here:


Make an instrument(s) using household objects or ‘junk modelling’ you may have around the house. Come up with a tune or write your own piece of music. You may want to recruit members of your family to become band members! At the end of the day you could perform your piece of music to your adult.

Mid-week Quote:

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” – Desmond Tutu

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey