Home Learning 21.4.20

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!

Hope you are all back into the swing of things now and ready for today’s learning.


Watch the following video relating to square and cubed numbers –

When you have watched the video and understand what a square and cube number is – demonstrate this knowledge however you wish. You could video yourself teaching, you could make a fact-sheet about it, you could make a poster about it, you could write an evaluation paragraph explaining it, you could find someway of practically demonstrating it.

Ext: Randomly pick a number and see whether it is a cube/square number – this way you are working backwards. Do you see a pattern? Does a cube number have to be particular number?


Following on from the video you watched yesterday:

Re-watch the video and describe in 3 paragraphs (or more) the scenes at the beginning, middle and end of the video. You will need to use adjectives, connectives, similes etc.

Ext: Go through your work and pick a sentence from each paragraph that you could ‘up-level.’


Have a go at some more yoga. I find that yoga really helps with my flexibility and to clear my mind of any worries that I may have! This is why I try and do it daily at home.

Ext: Are there any yoga positions that you find more difficult than others? Think about why this might be? How could we improve?

Have a great day everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey