Home Learning – 23.4.20

Good morning Year 5 and happy Thursday!

I have enjoyed being back into a routine this week and I hope you have too.

Thank you again for all the work you’re sharing via email. On Friday we will be celebrating the work that you have sent in on the blog.

Today’s learning:


Today we are going to apply the knowledge we have learnt about squared and cubed numbers to a fishing game. You will need to select the square/cube number challenge and have a go!


Maths fishing – multiplication on mathsframe.co.uk

Ext: One wasn’t square!

Mrs Morgan, the class’s teacher, pinned numbers onto the backs of three children: Mona, Bob and Jamie.

3 children

“Now”, she said, “Those three numbers add to a special kind of number. What is it?”

Michael put his hand up.

“It’s a square number”, he answered.

“Correct”, smiled Mrs Morgan.

“Oh!” exclaimed Mona, “The two numbers I can see also add to a square!”

“And me!” called out Bob, “The two numbers I can see add to a square too!”

“Oh dear”, said Jamie disappointedly, “the two numbers I can see don’t add to a square! It’s either 5 too little or 6 too big!”

What numbers did the three children have on their backs?


Re-watch the video:

The Egyptian Pyramids – Funny Animated Short Film (Full HD) – on youtube

This time you are going to be writing character descriptions of the man in the video and the camel – remember the features you need to include in a character description. (adjectives, adverbs, connectives, similes etc) Think about their personalities as well as what they look like.

You can accompany this piece of writing with a picture of the character.


Share a book with a sibling or parent – can they read to you and then you read to them? It does not have to be the same book.

Share with us what you are reading – I am always on the lookout for a new book! Has anyone read the new David Walliams book yet?

I am reading at least a chapter of my book every day which I have found has really helped.

After you have done this you could either write a ‘book review’ about the book or design a new front cover for your book.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey