Home Learning – 28.4.20

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and it’s been great to hear from some of you!

Today’s Learning:


Ch1: 56

Ch2: 758

Ch3: 2849

  1. Find half
  2. Write in words
  3. Find 1/2 or 3/6
  4. Find 10% or 65%
  5. Write in Roman Numerals
  6. + 6.32
  7. x 10
  8. + 15.6 – 12.5
  9. x 6
  10. Jon managed to do _________ starjumps, his brother Steve did 64 more and his sister Jane did 23 less. How many did Steve and Jane do?

Ext: try a different number or rewrite the last question using percentages.


Read the following information:

https://egypt.mrdonn.org/children.html – Ancient Egypt for kids Children

You are going to use this information to help you write a diary entry on Thursday. You do not want to copy it all out so take notes on things that you want to include in your own diary.

At the bottom of the page there are links to more information so give these a look at as well. You may want to group your notes under sub-headings to help you when you are writing.

P.E: I know lots of you already do Joe Wicks in the morning but here is another one of his workouts that you can give a go!

Have a lovely day everyone and can’t wait to hear from you all!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey