Home Learning – 1.5.20

Good morning, happy Friday and lets get May off to a fabulous start!

The first of the month is always a good place to start afresh. I went for a run/fast walk yesterday and now feel more motivated to try and progress this month. Have you started anything new recently? Think about what we could achieve this month!

Keep an eye out to see if you can spot your work you have sent in on our ‘Celebration of Learning’ post.

Fridays learning


*new ‘my maths’ has been set so make sure you check it out!*

Today we are going to work on rounding numbers to the nearest 2 decimal places of (2dp)

To do this you need to look at the 3rd digit after the decimal place. For example:


The third number after the decimal place is 7. This is higher than 5 so you will be rounding the second number after the decimal place up to 5. Your answer should be:


If you have a number that has lots of digits after the decimal place such as:


You still focus on the 3rd number along, in this case it is 2, this number is lower than 5 so your 2nd number will stay the same:


Have a go at some of these questions:


Yesterday you should have written a diary entry from the perspective of you as an Egyptian Child. Today you are going to be writing a diary entry from life in the present – this can be made up or an actual representation of your day I don’t mind. Use the examples from yesterday to help you write. Remember to still add in all the features that are expected in a diary.

When you have completed this you need to compare the two diaries. How are they different? Is anything the same? Let me know what you find.


We are going to be continuing with our 1 minute challenges – hopefully you still have the results from previous weeks with how many different P.E skills you can do in a minute – can you beat this score? Here is a reminder of them:

Star jumps, press ups, sit ups, donkey kicks, high knees, burpees

It would be great to see some pictures/videos of this in action!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I look forward to hearing from you all next week!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey