Home Learning – 11.5.20

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend and are ready to kick start another week of learning as well as helping around the house, spending time with your family and getting outside as much as you can.

I have spent this weekend in the garden – we have weeded, mowed and tidied up so that I can spend as much time in there as I can. We are also nearly ready to paint our living room!

I (Mrs Powell) am spending this week at school so may not be able to reply to emails straight away but I will get back to you as soon as possible so please keep sending in your work!

Today’s learning:


Today you are going to practice how we order decimal numbers. Follow this ‘how to’ guide and the have a go yourself by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page ‘Decimal Ordering Game’


There are also questions you can answer at the bottom of the page after you have played the game.



This week we are letter writing!

You are going to be writing a letter to a child in Ancient Egypt and then they (you) are going to respond to that letter!

Firstly we need to look at the features of a letter – make a mind map of everything a letter needs to include. If you are finding this tricky or need to check you have included everything have a look at this:

Next, think about the differences between a formal & informal letter. Do you think you will need to be writing a formal or informal letter and why?

Below are a list of differences between the two!

Formal vs. Informal Letters


Today you are going to be making a time-line of events that happened during the Ancient Egypt period. You can lay this out however you want, I know that you have all had experience of making timelines before in class. If you need some help especially with identifying key events have a look at the following website:


You also may want to find a different timeline online that you want to use to help you.

Have a lovely Monday everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey

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  1. Jemima stowers says:

    I learnt how to ride a bike yesterday, I had never been on one before and suddenly I was racing round the field it was a lot of fun I fall of a lot but I always get back up again ( however hard it may be) but I have my mum and best big brother ever to help me and look after me😊😊😊

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